Slight Change in Figure is Your Ticket to Success in Money Trading

The nice about being an investor is the fact that they can trade in virtually any currency worldwide via FOREX or Foreign Exchange. To generate money in this platform, it is imperative to be mindful that you’re taking a speculative risk. Simply put, you’re making an educative guess that the value of a certain currency would increase relative to another.

The ROI expected is similar to money market and lower compared bonds or stocks. On the other hand, it is feasible to boost the risk and returns through leverage. Currency trading in general is a lot more profitable for active traders compared to passive investors.

Idea behind Selling and Buying Currency

For any aspiring traders, it is necessary to take into account that currencies are being priced and traded in pairs. To give you an example, you might have seen currency quotation for the pair EUR/USD of 1.1256. In such example, base currency will be euro while US dollar is quote currency.

In all of the currency quote situations, base currency will be worth one unit. The currency quoted is the currency’s amount that one unit of base currency could by. Pertaining to the example, what it means is, 1 Euro can buy 1.1256 USD. Investors may make money in FOREX by means of understanding appreciation in value of quoted currency or by decrease in value of base currency.

Making Money by Trading Money

Yet another point of view on currency trading is by considering the position that investor takes on every currency pair. Base currency could be considered as short position because you’re “selling” the base currency to buy quoted currency. In return, the quoted currency may be seen as long position on currency pair.

Following the given example, we knew that 1 euro can buy 1.1256 USD and vice versa. In order to buy Euro, the investor has to go short on USD to go long on Euro. To be able to make money on such investment, the investor needs to sell back the Euro when the value increases in relevance to the USD.

Assuming that Euro’s value appreciated to 1.1266; if you have 100,000 Euro, the investor gains $100 ($112,660 – $112,560) if they pushed selling Euro at the current exchange rate. If it fell from 1.1256 to 1.1246 USD, then it is an automatic indication that they would lose $100.

Guidance and Assistance

It is kind of hard to enter the money trading market, more so if you don’t have any basic or deep knowledge in this field. This is true especially if you are trying to penetrate the crypto market-making services. Different markets will have a different approach, which is the same reason why you need professional services to assist you and guide you every step of the way.