Is FOREX Trading Profitable?

There are many traders who are making big money with Forex Trading. They make money by trading stocks, currencies or commodities. What makes them successful is that they have a defined strategy, disciplined and are focused with their craft. They possess all these qualities for them to reach where they are. The good thing about currency trading is that there are many opportunities to trade.

The year 1996 saw the first generation of online trading platforms. Up to this day the Internet made forex trading so accessible that it became a mainstream. There are essentially three ways to to profit in the forex market. The most popular is probably the “Spot market”, this refers to the transaction with immediate delivery such when you buy gold. Currencies fluctuate all the time, if you end up guessing right when a certain currency rises in value as you do with stocks, you make a profit. At the end of the day the currency is like any other commodity that’s driven by demand and supply. The economic performance or the political situation can influence the demand for a certain currency.