Best Canadian Companies on the Cannabis Industry

Over the past two years, the legalization of cannabis make way for a relevant business within the weed industry. Alongside with this legalization is the continuous emergence of top Canadian cannabis companies which foresee the opportunity in investing in marijuana market. This leads to a significant increase in the intensity that goes around with this kind of business.

Yet, despite of the growth due to the enormous participation of lots of companies in the cannabis-related businesses, the issues with the legalization of marijuana is still on the hot seat. Because of this concern, the ability of the cannabis market to be provided with appropriate funding entails number of barriers. It is always on the financial capability in which the success of cannabis company may be proven.

Luckily, there are cannabis companies that took their places on the list of those penetrating the cannabis-market. Despite of the financial challenges that this industry is facing, these companies are continuously generating their revenues. This shows how to make money in trading options. Let’s take a look on what companies made it to the top.

Top Three Canadian Cannabis Companies Penetrating the Weed Market

1. Canopy Growth Corp.

Based on market capitalization, CGC is the largest marijuana company.

An Ontario-based company, the Canopy Growth Corp. or the CGC is the first ever cannabis company regulated by the federal government. Moreover they are also a licensed public traded grower of cannabis within North America. The company’s sales are increased by around 283%.

2. Aurora Cannabis

One of the major producer of weed is the Aurora Cannabis or the ACB which is also a licensed weed distributor. Next to Canopy Growth, Aurora Cannabis is the largest cannabis market based on market capitalization. Because it purchased the Pedanios GmbH which is located in Berlin, this cannabis company established its strong presence internationally.

In terms of company’s sales, it nearly doubled up due to its acquisitions of two more companies. These companies that contributed to the company’s sales growth are the MedReleaf and CanniMed. With around 387% revenue increase, Aurora Cannabis really enjoyed its growth.

3. Aphria

Aphria or APHA is a new comer in the legal weed business. Its main focus centers on the medical marijuana in which it received a license for the medical items’ production and distribution. Because of its goal in expanding and penetrating the US market, high profile and controversial acquisition has been done by Aphria. Due to this business decision, company’s net revenue nearly tripled.