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Analysis and Charts of Global Markets

written by Gary Dorsch, Editor and Publisher
Beijing puts Massive Short Squeeze on Yuan bears
Jan 12, 2016
Beijing has unleashed a new weapon in its battle to prevent a disorderly devaluation of the Chinese yuan. The People´s Bank of China clandestinely drained a massive amount of yuan liquidity in the offshore market in Hong Kong, through its state owned banks, and lifted the cost of borrowing to a parabolic high of 34% for the 1-week Hibor.
Weak Yen Spells big Trouble for Korean Exporters
Dec 28, 2015
Korea’s exporters are complaining the the Japanese yen´s -40% slide against Korean won, since the first half of 2011, is eroding their competitiveness in world markets. Korean and Japanese companies compete globally to sell everything from cars to electronics. About half of Korea’s Top -100 export products overlap with Japan’s Top 100 exports, and these overlapping products account for half of Korea’s total exports. The Korea International Trade Association has called on policy makers to steady the won´s exchange rate against the yen, and said more than half of 307 exporters surveyed by the group expect overseas sales to fall short of targets if the won stays around 9 versus the yen. About 70% of respondents surveyed said a weak yen is wiping out their profits. (click on hyper-link to see chart of Japan yen /Korea won exchange rate, and its effect on Korea´s export - and read more)
China aims to Weaken the Yuan; Rattles markets
Aug 20, 2015
Bonds and Currencies Brace for BoE and Fed rate hikes
Jul 16, 2015
China’s Stock market Mania; How high can Red-chips fly?
Apr 2, 2015
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China Joins the Asian Currency Wars, Traders in Hong Kong expect Yuan to slide -5% vs US$
Updated 9:30 PM, Dec-28, Mon
Besieged by rising capital outflows, and the US$’s surge against other currencies, such as Korea’s won, Beijing has decided to push its currency, the yuan, lower against the US$. On August 11th, 2015 - Beijing shocked the global markets by quickly engineering a -3% devaluation of the Chinese yuan against the US$ over a two-day period, and most importantly, is reversing a 10-year policy of strengthening the Chinese yuan against the US$. -------------------------- Prior to the surprise move, from August ’14 through August ’15, the US$ had appreciated as much as +20% higher against Korea’s won, fetching as much as 1,200-won, and putting Chinese exporters at a bigger disadvantage against their Korean competitors. As such, Beijing decided to embark on an orderly devaluation of the yuan. In Hong Kong, the 12-month forward contract for the Yuan’s exchange rate against the US$ is currently trading at 6.77-yuan, or +4.6% higher than the spot rate in Shanghai trading at 6.47-yuan. So Beijing is expected to engineer a slow and orderly -4.6% devaluation of the yuan next year. - --------------------------------To read the rest of this article, click on the "Charts" tab located above.
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China Joins the Asian Currency Wars, Traders in Hong Kong expect Yuan to slide -5% vs US$

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